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PinocchioOur children love costumes.  They love dress up, pretend play, becoming someone (or something) by changing their clothes.  I love sewing.  I love making things for my children that gives them joy.  My husband loves building things. He loves making something from nothing.  So Halloween has become the perfect time for collaboration of all the things we love to do.

This year we thought we started early enough, but there was still a last minute push to get everything done (and we won’t even go into all the things we thought would be fun to do and make but ran out of time to get to).

Zach wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda game.  Husband helped him make the shield (weighing in at 10 pounds!) and the sword and the scabbard (which I haven’t taken a proper photo of yet).  I made the hat and tunic and we used burlap to simulate the look of chain mail under the tunic.  I never quite got around to the gloves and boots, but he was recognized by many as Link (though some thought Peter Pan or Robin Hood.  Zach said it was mostly older people who probably never played video games.)

Maddie was a marionette.  I made her skirt from a vintage pattern and the bow tie was a quick thing I stitched together.

Sophie was mostly the Queen of Hearts, though she had originally thought to be a Strawberry Queen (after her current favorite card game), but it was a little obscure.  So a Pink Princess was the general idea.  We repurposed her costume dress that I made last year when she was dressed as the Princess Ariel (when she’s human, not a mermaid).  A Husband-made heart scepter and some fun makeup completed her look.

Emma dressed as the Blue Fairy.  We found her dress at a thrift store some time ago.  It was originally a bit larger, but some quick alterations and the addition of a tie made the formerly strapless dress much more appropriate for her.  I made the furry fleece style vest with long flowing sleeves mostly to give her an extra layer on a chilly and damp Halloween night.  Husband made her star wand to complete her outfit.  We asked her if she wanted wings, and truthfully I tried to make some, but she said she didn’t because the sleeves were flow-y enough, so I was off the hook.

Silas was Pinocchio.  I have to say, this might just be one of my most favorite costumes I’ve made.  I didn’t have any pattern to follow, and honestly that hat was the hardest thing to make as I kept making the shape all wrong and it kept looking more elfish than Pinocchio.  But it all turned out so incredibly cute, and watching him skip along the sidewalk and strike a little pose here and there was enough to make me so glad for the effort.


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  1. That is an amazing effort! Well done. The costumes are fabulous. What lucky children to have such talented parents!

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