Buttons for the finish



I think I might have mentioned before my problem with sewing buttons onto finished knitted sweaters.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but it takes me forever to get those buttons on.  Case in point, Emma’s Cove Cardigan.  Ravelry tells me that I finished the sweater in February.  And Emma has been wearing it, never once complaining about the lack of fasteners.  I finally, FINALLY, got those buttons on.  Yes, just two of them.  Part of the hold up was due to needing just the right buttons.  Emma picked them out herself, and then I set them aside to sew into place, and then I forgot where I set them.  But a pre-costume-making tidying up of my sewing space brought them back to light and I quickly stitched them on.  The next sweater I make, please remind me to get the buttons on faster.  At least the sweater still fits.