One Last Christmas Project

We had a flurry of making during the days before Christmas.  Some things I remembered to take pictures of before wrapping and giving, some I didn’t.  But there was one thing that I never got to.  A new Christmas stocking for Silas.  Actually, new isn’t the right word.  The boy has never had one of his own.

For six Christmases, he’s borrowed one.  The first year we had a “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking that was given as part of a gift years ago.  I know that for at least two or three years, he used a stocking that was gifted to our dog with treats and bones. (Also, this is our first Christmas without Abby.  I miss her.)  I almost made him a stocking last year, but I never got to it.

When we realized on Christmas Eve that Silas STILL didn’t have his own stocking, I knew there was no way I’d be able to squeeze in time to sew him one.  So this is why I was sewing a stocking three days after Christmas.  We’ll not mention that it’s late (by six years),  instead, let’s just say I’m very much ahead of schedule for next year, shall we?

Do you have any projects you didn’t get to in time for Christmas?  This week is perfect for doing them.