My Clara Cowl

I bought a hank of yarn before Christmas to make a quick messy bun hat for one of my daughters, but I ran out of time.  And then I realized that the daughter I had in mind didn’t wear her hair in a messy bun.  So then I thought I’d make it for another daughter.  And then I realized that this daughter lives where hats aren’t often needed.  So then I sat looking at this beautiful soft blue yarn and needed to make something with it.  Then I found a pattern for the Clara Cowl on Ravelry and realized that I wanted to make it for me.

It’s a very quick knit, and an easy enough pattern to follow.  I ran into a few hiccups along the way trying to cable 12 stitches over 12 stitches (!), but after figuring out a way to do it so that my fingers didn’t ache with each cable, it was smooth knitting.  Until I got to the end and the dreaded kitchener stitch. And not just any ordinary kitchener stitch, but a kitchener stitch over 4 needles!  The directions were absolutely perfect though, and other than a bit of a misstep because I lost my rhythm halfway through the first side, it ended perfectly.

I was planning on blocking it today, but it’s cool and rather damp, and I’m still dealing with the last bits of a cold, so it went around my neck first thing this morning, and there it will stay.  I wish I could remember which yarn it was, but I tossed the label.  It’s nice and soft though, perfect for a sensitive neck and face area.

And also, let me just say that the knitting was much easier than the selfie taking to show you the cowl.  It must be a generational thing, because I really am no good at this.  So, hello from my awkward selfie taking self.  I finally had to give up because I was laughing too hard at my efforts.  But hopefully you’ll forgive my awkwardness and know it has nothing to do with the cowl, which is quite lovely.

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  1. I love it! And you are beautiful and I can’t take a selfie either to save my life!

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