Sophie’s Waltyn Sweater

The last sweater I made for Sophie met a rather unfortunate end.  I think she tied it around her waist while she was riding her bike late this past fall and the wheel must have rubbed against the knit, making quite a large hole and my darning skills weren’t up to the task of that level of repair.

I had made and nearly finished a simple cardigan for her back in October, but I was short the yarn for pockets, and I wasn’t loving how stiff it felt.  So I did what any frugal mama would do when the knit you just finished isn’t up to standard.  I frogged it.  Yes, the whole thing.  And then I cast on again.

Would you believe that the same amount of yarn that couldn’t make a sleeveless cardigan was more than enough to make this sleeved button up?  I didn’t think it was possible, but it was. This yarn seems to have been made just for this pattern, because it’s soft and warm and not too bulky.  I used the Waltyn sweater pattern from TheVelvetAcorn.  It was a perfect easy knit, and I love collar detail.

And then, of course, I met my nemesis – Buttons.  Not just a couple.  But ten of them!  I needed 10 buttons to finish her sweater!  I truly searched for just the right buttons.  But my budget wasn’t going to allow for the amazing ones I found (at $4 a piece!).  I’ll admit I considered just letting her continue wearing her button up without buttons, but she didn’t like the way it fell from her shoulders and just wouldn’t stay put.  So a trip to the art supply shop for some polymer clay was in order.  A quiet afternoon later, I was able to craft buttons that were fitting for this sweater and the girl who still loves pink above all other colors.