Sweet Schooling

There are days when we do every scheduled subject, read every scheduled book, work on every scheduled project.  Those days are really good days.  They don’t happen as often as I’d like, but they do happen.  Most days aren’t like that.

Some days, especially days after a very busy time, whether it’s extra appointments, extra errands, recovering from an illness or just over tired, we make sure we hit the most important things and we have some down time.  While I don’t get to check as much off my list on those days, they’re even more sweet.  Seeing siblings playing together, working together and creating together, those are the moments I’ll long remember.

So some days we don’t get to a scheduled science experiment, but the Littles will build tracks to launch toys down the steps, Middles will plan and work together on projects, and an older brother and littler sister will design and build creations together.  That’s the sweetness of homeschooling.  They’re my very favorite days.