Of Book Sales, Garden Cleanup and Adventures in the Woods

We’ve had two whole days of Hello Spring! It felt more like summer than spring and we set to work boiling off the last gallons of maple sap, though we still have the final boil to do inside and then canning the liquid gold (pure maple syrup).

I had an errand to run with Sophie and while we were out we saw a sign that said, “Book Sale Today”.  Now I don’t know about you, but I have a rather difficult time passing up a book sale, so with Sophie’s eager agreement we turned to visit the sale.  Our happy mood was even further lifted when we pulled up to the library and Sophie was quite enchanted with the beauty of the building.  She wanted to know who lived there, and when I told her it was a library she was so taken with the prospect of visiting this lovely place that she rushed to get out of the car and into the building as quickly as possible, though she did make sure to have me agree to letting her choose books too.

We won’t talk about how many books we bought.  Nor will we talk about how many bags we needed to carry those books out.  Nor will we mention our very full bookshelves at home. Nor will we talk about the very large and growing stack of books in my “next to read” pile.  We might need to mention that I need to go through our shelves and pull a few, and “gasp” let them go to other homes, so perhaps there will be an online book sale in the near future.  First I need to figure out the best way to do that, so if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

After our lovely morning, we all spent some time outside starting to clean up a couple of the garden beds now that the snow has melted from them.  Sophie sang a few songs while we worked.  I especially liked one about a mouse who couldn’t talk. We weren’t the only beings enjoying this outside work, as a few of our cats quickly laid claim to a garden spot for themselves.  Husband asked when we planted cats, because they were blooming. 🙂




Silas asked if he could please get lost in the woods, to which we responded, “Of course!”  He’s been enjoying spreading his wings and going on his own adventures lately, and as long as I know which direction he’s heading I’m able to keep distant eyes on him.  He’s completely unaware of my watch though, and he is so very proud of himself when he finds his own way (down very clear paths that to a five-year-old must look much more perilous than they do to us).

It was nearing time for supper, so Sophie and I ventured down the path together to fetch Silas the Adventurer home again, but once we were all by the creek it was so hard to leave. The children wanted this first spring visit to last as long as we could allow.  Even two of the cats joined us, but finally their own hungry bellies beckoned, and they skipped back up the hill for home.

These are the kinds of days that I wish could last forever – the weather is warm, the sun is shining and there are no pesky bugs out to chase us back inside.  It was a perfect Spring day!



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  1. We love books here too, and its hard to pass up a book sale! What a lovely library! Your children are sweet.

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