Tiny Tim Visits

Poor Sophie did something to her toe on Monday.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it ended up with Emma nearby and Sophie on the floor, both complaining (Sophie rather loudly) that they were hurt.  Whatever it was, Sophie was much more injured than Emma, who was fine within moments.  The quick swelling told me she wasn’t just being dramatic, so we applied some ice and she spent some time with her little foot elevated, but for the rest of the day she asked to be carried everywhere.

I thought perhaps a good night’s rest would have her feeling better in the morning, but on Tuesday she was still hopping around on one foot and refused to put any weight on the other.  We made arrangements to borrow a pair of crutches from a friend just so Sophie wouldn’t have to continue hopping (though she seemed to rather enjoy it and Silas and Emma often joined her).  The crutches, however, were far too big, so after supper Papa went to out to his shop and came back inside some time later with a pair of custom made, perfect for her little size, crutches for Sophie.  She was so excited about this that they seemed to make her miraculously better, and she declared that with these crutches (and only with these crutches) is she able to bear any weight at all on her poor little foot.

Today she is doing even better, and the new crutches have become a favorite new plaything for the Littles.  The Middles like the larger crutches too, and we’ve had more than a few races across the kitchen floor on them.   As the day goes on, Sophie relies on her new little crutches less and less, and I saw them more than once sitting in the corner, making me feel that Tiny Tim has come for a visit.

I’m very grateful that Sophie’s injury wasn’t more severe, and that we have no need for crutches long term. I’m also grateful that there’s new pretend play, and that as soon as the time comes, we’ll be all set for their own version of the Christmas Carol.

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  1. Those are perfect little crutches!

    Glad she is on the mend!

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