She’s been counting down since January – “How many more days until my birthday?” This weekend it came.  Finally for her, too soon for me.

Most of our birthday celebrations are pretty low keyed.  We go for simple and easy over lots of bling and expensive, and that’s really just Emma’s style anyway.  She’s a very easy child, never asking for much.  Her birthday dinner request?  Spaghetti, garlic bread and salad.  Instead of cake she asked for pie, apple and pumpkin, with whipped cream and ice cream.  For gifts she asked for a new sketch pad and a fairy doll.  She had mentioned a couple of other things that she’d like recently, like a new horse (she loves the Breyer horses) and a yo-yo.  See? Easy.  I also made her a new skirt for her dance class as her old one was rather short for her ever growing legs.

We were joined by my mom and Grandmom, and the day was perfect and simple.  Exactly what Emma asked for and exactly what this mama is able to provide these days.

Happy Birthday, Emma!  What a blessing you are to us all!

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  1. Happy Birthday, to your Emma! Nine is a fun age!

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