Silas’ Elwood Sweater

I just finished knitting Silas’ new sweater, the Elwood sweater, and before I barely had it done he was wearing it.  No surprise as he had been prompting me to finish it so often.  Every time he saw my hands sitting idle, he’d bring me my knitting, “Here’s my sweater, Mama”.  (The fact that it took me nearly 3 months to knit this is, I think, evidence of how infrequently my hands are idle, though I did spend a lot of my knitting time on a sweater I’m making for Maddie as well.)  It’s a very easy knit, made only slightly less easy by adding in wide stripes, but those stripes are so sweet.  This is the perfect little old man sweater, and I love the shawl collar.  I may even make another for one of my older sons, though I don’t know if the son in Florida has much need for a hand knit sweater.

Also, I want to point out, that the sweater has buttons!  I actually bought buttons and stitched them on the day after I finished knitting!  This, my friends, is quite an accomplishment for me you know.



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  1. That’s a beautiful sweater! I knit, simple things, but would love to get brave enough to make my granddaughter’s each a sweater!

    1. Thank you! I started knitting sweaters just a few years ago. Determination and a relatively simple pattern (with a lot of online help) got me going. Hand made sweaters from grandma are treasures. I still have several that my Grandmom knit for me and my children. 🙂

  2. That sweater is gorgeous and looks perfect on your Silas. Love the colour choices.

    1. Thank you! He picked the colors out himself. 🙂

  3. It looks fab, love the colours. Cathy x

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