During the rain

We’re in a bit of a rainy spell these last few days, but I took advantage of being stuck inside to do a room shuffle.  Again.  It does seem like we do that a lot here.  But then again, living in a smallish home with a largish family means you need to be flexible with who sleeps where.

You see, back around Christmas (the day after according to my Middles), we decided that moving Sophie and Silas into a room of their own would make sense.  We moved Maddie out of the back bedroom and into the larger bedroom where Sophie and Silas had been sharing with Emma, Emma stayed where she was, Zach moved from the dormer bedroom into the back bedroom, and Sophie and Silas moved to the dormer bedroom.   Did you follow all that?

Well, it worked, sort of.  But Sophie and Silas didn’t really sleep well in the dormer bedroom by themselves.  Ever since we moved them there, they’ve been waking up. Every. Single. Night.  While I don’t mind having the extra snuggle time with them, it does make it a little harder to function when you’re woken up every night (can I hear an Amen, Mama’s everywhere?).  So we did some tweaking to the room arrangements.  Zach stayed in the back bedroom. He prefers it over the dormers because he kept hitting his 6 foot high head on the ceiling slopes before we moved his room. Maddie moved into the dormer bedroom, and she is delighting in the extra light that she gets from that south facing room (and loving having her own room again).  Emma stayed in the larger bedroom and Sophie and Silas moved back in.

Having three children share a bedroom is a little difficult for room planning, but it’s perfect for bedtime stories.  I’ve done some sorting and donating of a LOT of toys they don’t play with any more, and moved some out to decide what to do with them later.  (Store and rotate?)  There’s still some work to do on the rooms themselves, as we never finished the details of the larger bedroom, and Maddie has some decorating ideas for her new space.  Zach still needs curtains hung in his room (oh, he’s so very patient!) and Emma has asked that we hang new curtains in the shared room “that aren’t pink”.   Hopefully, I’ll get to all that before we do another room shuffle.

While all the shuffling was happening inside, the Littles watched for a break in the weather to run outside and play fairy.  Running, leaping, and flying around the yard.  Funny, for a moment I felt guilty for getting rid of some of their play things.  I don’t know why I worried about how they’d occupy their time.  Less toys, more imagination.



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  1. Less toys, more imagination. Yes!

    We used to shuffle rooms around and change things up. For the first time ever my younger girls (now almost 18 and 15) have their own rooms. In their lives they were in with the bigger sisters, sharing a double bed in their own room, sharing a bunk bed in a bigger room. My little guy now nearly 12, has always had his own room. He used to be sad that he was the only one who slept in a room by himself.

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