Squeezing in Summer

Is it just me or is time this summer going incredibly fast?  We went from having plenty of summer days left to suddenly arriving in the last month of summer.  There are some places farther south than where we are that summer lasts through September, and even into October, but Maine is surely not one of those places.

As usual, I had all sorts of plans for the summer.  I was going to sew more.  We were going to go to the lake more.  I was going to paint some of the furniture that needs painting. I was going to clear out some things that we no longer need.  I was going to completely redo my garden area.  And here we are.  August.  I’ve done very little sewing.  We’ve only been to the lake a handful of times.  I haven’t painted anything (well, I painted the front porch, so that counts for something, right?).  My clutter clearing came to a screeching halt sometime about 2-3 weeks ago.  And my garden is overgrown with weeds and the raised beds are still waiting to be finished.  And it’s August.

Some may not understand why I feel the need to get so much done during our brief summer months.  But once our school year starts there. is. no. time.  Between school work and outside classes and extra events that start back up in the fall, there’s little time for any house projects.  So I need to really prioritize how we spend August.  Going to the lake was at the top of the list.  Everything else can wait, but making memories with my children can’t be put off until later.  And yes, of course I brought my knitting.  🙂

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  1. We always start school in August – a light schedule but we get started non the less. I think this summer flew by, too! I’ve seen a few trees changing color here in Pennsylvania already! Just a tad early, even for the early changers!

    1. We usually start in August, too, though I haven’t even gotten my head around our schooling for this year yet. The air definitely has a different feel lately. I’m so not ready. 🙂

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