Gathering, Dyeing, Making:: Queen Anne’s Lace and Needle Books

We had an abundance of Queen Anne’s Lace growing in a garden that really needed some weeding.  As much as I love Queen Anne’s Lace, I don’t love it growing rampant and wild in my perennial beds.  After I pulled it all, Silas set to helping me remove the blossoms from the rest of the plant.  He looked like he was having so much fun that Emma joined him.

Once we had all the flowers separated, I simmered them on the stove to make a batch of dye, strained out the flowers, and then added some prepared cotton fabric.  (I had boiled the fabric in salted water to help remove any manufacturing dirt and to give the dye something to hold onto, as cotton isn’t as easy to dye as wool.)

Even knowing that the result would be very subtle, I was still a little surprised at HOW soft and subtle it is.  Even after soaking overnight, the fabric has just a hint of yellow.  I love it.

After dyeing the fabric, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with some of it.  My embroidery and hand sewing needles have been living in a plastic container with an ill-fitting lid for too long, and I wanted a sweet needle book to keep them organized and tucked away safely.  Of course, I knew exactly what to embroider on the cover – a Queen Anne’s Lace flower.

Making one needle book was fun, so I made another to share. 

You can find it in my Etsy shop.


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