Making Fairy Post Boxes

It’s no secret that I love all things miniature and fairy, and I also love all things Tasha Tudor.  So when I can combine the two it’s so much better.  I saw the pattern to make boxes like Tasha Tudor’s Sparrow Post on her family’s website, and had to make some for us.

It was super easy.  I traced the pattern onto decorative card stock, cut it out, glued it together and in no time at all we had our own little Fairy Post.  I made a few extra envelopes for the children to use to send each other notes, and they spent hours writing and “mailing” to each other.  Silas isn’t able to write very much yet, but he had fun just making little notes and pictures for his sisters.

The boxes are hanging on the dresser in the living room for now, but I’d like to make hooks for them by their bedroom.  It’s such a fun way to play pretend, and the added bonus is that they’re practicing their writing and spelling skills without realizing it.  😉

Now, here’s a little secret to how my brain works – my poor husband.  I was making the boxes for the children, and read that Tasha Tudor’s children had their Sparrow Post boxes hanging from their bedroom doors.  Well, our Littles share a bedroom, and it doesn’t have a door.  It’s a loft space we added onto and there’s a curtain I hung in the doorway for a bit of privacy.  We’ve talked about adding a full second floor onto our garage so we’d have more bedroom space for our children.  Husband was working on building one of the face frames for a cabinet in our kitchen, and I’m making boxes, and I realized that surely we need to do the addition over the garage so that each child can have a door knob to their bedroom for hanging their Fairy Post Box.

Wanting doorknobs is a perfectly good and logical reason for taking on an addition project, right?

~ Tanya


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  1. Makes sense to me! 🙂 These are sweet! Did you know there is a FB group for fans of Tasha Tudor? Its called Take Peace. If you are on FB you should join us!

    1. I didn’t know that! I’ll look for it tomorrow. Thank you!

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