Finds While Walking


One of the reasons why I wanted to get a new dog was to give me a good reason to get outside more.  I know I shouldn’t need another reason to go outside, but there are a lot of things that keep me in – children, housework, schooling, etc.  and I would often let those take priority.  With a dog who needs frequent outings and exercise, I have no choice but to ignore the things inside for a bit and go out.  It’s perfect.

Silas LOVES to go along when we go out, so unless I’m up before he is (not very frequent) he’s my constant companion, chattering away and asking questions (what are leaves made of?) and finding treasures.

Yesterday morning we found several of the smallest perfect feathers on the ground.  Sadly, the bird fell victim to another animal of prey, possibly one of our cats, possibly something else that lives in our woods.  The feathers were so small that I gathered them to bring inside to show everyone.  I’ve asked Zach to help me make something with them.  Hopefully we’ll get to it soon and I’ll show you what I have in mind.  The birch bark fragment was nearby and looks so nice with the feathers.  I may use it with my little project.

In the afternoon we wandered down by the creek.  Well, to the creek bed.  Our creek is very seasonal and we’re in the middle of the Very Dry Season.  But to the creek bed we went, and Silas and Nimue leapt and skipped and jumped around, each finding treasures.  Nimue found lots of sticks, a few rocks and, I think, a toad or two the way she jumped away from a couple of places so quickly.  Silas found broken glass, sadly.  We usually bring that back to the house to dispose of safely.  But he also found some very fun pieces of pottery.  And they also came back to the house to treasure and admire.  Sea pottery is one of my favorite things to find, but creek-behind-the-cottage pottery might be even better, especially when it looks like that blue and white piece.

For now, all our little finds are looking pretty in a basket.  What are some of your favorite things to find?



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  1. What a wonderful way to have some Mom and son time together!

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