Finally Fall

After enjoying a beautiful stretch of unusually warm weather, we are finally feeling much more seasonal all of a sudden. The air is crisper and cooler (though I think it may still be warmer than usual), the angle of the light has definitely shifted, and the trees are moving towards full foliage colors.

The earlier sunset means we have precious fewer hours of sunlight to enjoy, so my evening walks to the field with Nimue have ended, as by the time we’ve finished supper and clean up, the sun is already going down.  I do still try to get out with her twice a day, and in the afternoons she loves being off leash to run in the field and play with apples, goats, sticks, and Silas. I’ve been picking up my knitting bag again, after leaving it sit for some time (though I did bring it along to the lake when we went.)

I needed to try and remember where I left off. I’m ready to pick up the sleeves, and that’s easy, but I was combining sizes and have forgotten how I’d planned it out.  And my gauge? What needle did I use for gauge?  I really should write these things down.  Somehow this sweater project didn’t even make it to my Ravelry page, so I can’t go there for my notes.

How do people remember these things when they have multiple knitting projects going? I surely don’t know.