Painting the Trim – Slow Going


We’re still plugging away slowly on our kitchen project.  I’m sure that there are some rules of what order things should be done that we’re violating, but we’re doing what works for us, and since we’re doing all the work ourselves we just do what makes the most sense for us.  Right now, while Husband is working on building the face frames, drawers, doors and drawer fronts, I’m working on all the painting.

Maddie helped me over the weekend to get some of the new baseboard primed and painted.  We decided to paint it all at once by placing the boards on the table rather than install it and paint it in place.  This way I didn’t need to tape off walls and floors and I only need to go back and touch up a couple of spots after it was installed (which Husband did Sunday night).


I also had to prime and paint all the rest of the trim around the doors, the shaker peg rail we have hanging, and we decided to paint the doors, too.  We were going to paint the doors a contrasting color – something very light, but with a definite color, but after spending weeks staring at paint chips and inspiration pages I still couldn’t decide on a color.  Part of the problem is that there are five doors in our kitchen/dining room space, and they receive light from different directions and in different amounts.  If you’ve done much painting, you know that the direction of the light and the amount of it really changes how a color looks in a space.  So when I couldn’t find one color that looked great in south-facing light, indirect south facing light, north facing light, indirect north facing light and north and west facing direct light, well, I gave up the battle and went with the same white we’re painting all the rest of the trim and all the cabinets.  It looks so crisp and clean and bright, especially compared to the yellow that had been on the trim before, and the orange-toned wood on the doors, that I’m really glad we went with white. (You can see the before picture with the yellow trim up there).  I am hoping to change out all the hinges and knobs from the brass color, but that will have to wait for a while.

We’re moving along, slowly but surely.  We had hoped to have the kitchen done by Thanksgiving, and we’ve had to adjust that expectation.  We could probably still do it, but it would require no sleep at all and Husband would have to take two weeks of vacation from his day job.  So, we adjust and keep moving.  One step at a time.