A Camera Cozy for Norah

Norah, our second granddaughter, has a birthday coming up on Saturday.  I had a Babcia-made* gift in mind for her, but I hadn’t begun it yet when my daughter texted me with a request.  It seems that Norah wanted a purple camera for her birthday, but purple camera’s are a little hard to find, so my daughter thought that they’d get her a black camera, and if I could make a purple camera case to go with it, then maybe Norah would be perfectly happy.

I found a simple tutorial for a camera cozy, raided my fabric stash for purple and purple and flowers, had just enough of just the right kind of interfacing on hand, and made a cute little purple camera case for Norah.  It isn’t perfect (please don’t inspect the binding), and if you’re planning on making one, be forewarned that stitching through 4 layers of fabric plus 4 layers of interfacing plus the binding is definitely not as easy as the tutorial made it look (I probably missed something somewhere that showed an easier way to do it).    But it’s done and in the hands of the Postal Service for speedy delivery.  I hope Norah loves it.


* – Babcia is Polish for Grandma. It’s in honor of my Polish heritage and what my grandbabies call me. 🙂

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  1. […] Yesterday I told you about Norah’s 3rd birthday coming on Saturday and the camera cozy I made.  Well, this past Sunday was Ali’s birthday.  She turned 8!  I wanted to make her something, but we’ve been so busy lately that time got away from me and before I knew it, Ali’s birthday weekend arrived and I hadn’t finished her gift.  And since I was sending Norah her camera bag, I surely couldn’t leave Ali’s out and send it later (though Ali did say that it was okay that her gift was late).  So I pushed a few other projects aside to finish sewing Ali’s present. […]

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