The game is afoot!

What began as necessity has become tradition. With a house full of peekers and shakers and squeezers and sniffers and not a lot of room to hide things, I need to wrap presents early. But with a house full of peekers and shakers and squeezers and sniffers, even wrapped presents don’t always hide their contents well. So years ago I started writing a code on the tags for the kids to decipher – and they can’t open anything until they solve the code. Some years it has been simple, other years complex, but always a game.

I mentioned that I didn’t think I was going to use a code this year, and the lols of horror on my children’s faces convinced me otherwise. I had a hard time coming up with something difficult to solve but not impossible, and fun for the older ones and the Littles as well. So this year it’s a combination treasure hunt for clues and some mental deciphering.

I still need to get some clues written and hidden, but I hope this will be a year to remember. The first gifts are under the tree and the game is afoot!

And if I don’t hop back into this space before then, I hope you all have a blessed and happy Christmas!

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