If You Want to Make a Hat – A Silly Poem

If it’s cold outside and you live in Maine
You might want to make a hat.

You need wool, a pattern, needles to knit,
A marker or two, and a cat.

The pattern is easy to find online,
The wool is a hank I bought.

But the needles must be the right size, you know,
And for them I have endlessly sought.

My basket of needles was all in a jumble,
And I gasped at the tangle inside,

For I couldn’t find the ones that I needed
No matter how hard I tried.

“Aha!” shouted I. “I know just the thing!
I can sew up a neat little case

With pockets inside for each little size,
Every one of them in the right place.”

So I pulled out my fabric and measured and cut
And pinned and ironed and sewed.

A case was soon made for my needles to live in,
Each one in its proper abode.

And now I can show you my sweet little project
All finished and tidy and done.

My needles were quickly tucked into place
And my knitting will be much more fun!

I suppose you are wondering at my little rhyme
And why I might need a cat –

The rhyme is for fun but my lap is still cold,
It would be nice if the cat came and sat.  🙂

*Thanks for coming to visit and reading my story. I hope you’ll stay for a while.
My rhymes are awful, but the writing is fun and I hope I brought you a smile.

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