Keeping Warm

We’ve been in quite a cold snap since Christmas.  The days when our thermometer hits 0 are “warm”.  Because the wind chills are so low, the children have been in much more than out.  It has been helpful for getting schoolwork done though, since the lure of outside play isn’t a distraction.

The cats are staying in, too.  Sometimes the sun streaming in through the kitchen door fools them and they ask to go out, but as soon as the door is opened for them they scamper away.  That wall of cold is a bit of a shock even for them, so they spend a lot of time sitting in windows staring out.

We’ve been making sure the the goats get a bit of extra food to give them extra calories.  We don’t lock them inside at night but they do have a corner of their shed where they can get away from any wind that might be blowing, and I’ve been making sure they have clean dry hay to bed down in.  The water buckets are frozen solid when I go out to give them fresh water, and even when the water isn’t really warm it steams so much in the cold that it looks more like a hot beverage than a cool drink.  They drink it down gratefully, and we make sure they have access to unfrozen water at least twice a day.  Even changing the buckets that frequently,  the water turns to ice blocks before we’re out to change it again.  Nimue waits nearby while I smash the ice out.  She loves to play with, chase, and chew on that big block of ice – silly dog.

All our Christmas gingerbread houses have been put out for the birds.  Husband made a little village for them on top of some fencing we have in the back.  The bluejays and dark-eyed juncos seem to be enjoying them the most, in fact there are three out there even as I type this.  I suppose they appreciate the extra calories, too.

We do have a bit of a reprieve though.  We’re going to be in the upper 20’s today!  So much warmer!  Though, with that warmer air is coming a snow storm.  We’re in blizzard warnings from noon today through tomorrow and we’re expecting 15″ or so of snow to fall, accompanied by winds that will blow to around 50 mph.  The forecasters call it a “bomb cyclone”.  Most of us around here call it, Winter in Maine.  We do have the generator ready to go with extra tanks of gas standing by, because it isn’t a question of “if” we’ll lose power, it’s more of when and for how long.

I’ll be working on a knitting project or two, and while the power is on, maybe some sewing.  I moved my sewing desk back under the dining room windows yesterday (it had been living in our bedroom since Thanksgiving).  It was nice having the space under those windows open, but it’s even nicer having access to my sewing machine and being near the kids while they work and play, and near the kitchen to attend to supper when I need to.  I’m going to try really hard keep my desk surface clean and tidy and only keep my current project out.  Goals.  🙂

Stay warm and safe, my friends!