Homeschooling Resources – Art

As a homeschooling mom, I’m often on the lookout for great resources for our children to learn, preferably low or no cost, preferably easily accessible.  One of those resources we use a lot is Art for Kids Hub, a channel on YouTube.   I don’t remember when we started using them, but they’re a great resource. They give the kids drawing lessons in our own home whenever we want.

Emma will sit and draw for hours at a time. Sophie and Silas will draw for quite a while as well.  We don’t need any special tools – just paper and pencil or pen or crayon or marker.  The children will even draw the same thing over and over again to see how much better or sillier or different they can make each rendition.

There is a paid subscription for ad-free videos, but we only use the free ones at this time.  So far we haven’t been too bothered by the ads, but it does look like some of the lessons are for paid subscribers only.

P.S.  The folks at Art for Kids Hub have no idea who I am.  This is just a resource we love and I wanted to share it with you.