A Green Dress for Emma

Emma seems to have had a growth spurt and many of her dresses are just too short. Since she has been very much enchanted with all things old fashioned lately, I thought this drees would be just right for her. Since green is her favorite color these days (and has been for a while now), The dress, of course, had to be green. I was a little worried about whether the shade would be okay against her pale complexion, but I think it looks very nice.

Now to get to work on a dress for Sophie. Bet you can’t guess what color she wants. 😉

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  1. Ohh! This dress is so pretty! I love that green— and it can work for any season! Love how you did the sleeves and buttons down the back. I’d wear this in a heartbeat! So nice to meet you— thank you for the ‘tea break’ 😀

  2. What a lovely girl and a sweet dress!

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