Painting the Trim – Slow Going

  We’re still plugging away slowly on our kitchen project.  I’m sure that there are some rules of what order things should be done that we’re violating, but we’re doing what works for us, and since we’re doing all the work ourselves we just do what makes the most sense for us.  Right now, while […]

The Kitchen Project Progress

We started renovating and adding on to our kitchen a long time ago.  Three years ago actually (I think). We’ve gone through so many different design plans and modifications and changes to the plans and changes to the modifications and thinking we’d just scrap the whole project only to return to it after a couple […]

Finishing touches

We built our new mud room/laundry room a year ago.  We hadn’t planned on waiting a year to paint, but once construction was done winter set in and the space was used to hold all the winter gear that is required for a family living in Maine.  While summer is traditionally a season for getting […]