New to Me Baking Counter

Upon finishing the wall, floor and trim painting of  Maddie’s room I still had a lot of afternoon left. With the paint in one hand and a still loaded paintbrush in the other, I walked by the buffet that I had recently moved from our garage into the kitchen. And I heard a whisper, “Psssst!  Psssst! Over here.” […]

Maddie’s Room Remake

Under the chapter of “How we Shuffle Five Children into Two and a Half Bedrooms”, we updated Maddie’s room. I had hoped to get to it before Christmas, but busy happened and I just never found the time.  So it was one of the top projects for us to tackle in 2016. We loved the […]

Mudroom – hooks and trim

This weekend we continued to work on our new mudroom.  It’s coming along quite nicely.  We tiled the floor two weeks ago and grouted it last week, and I LOVE the way it turned out!  We also built a small deck off the back last weekend, but we still need to add steps to it. […]

Almost new

This little table has been living here for a couple of years, just begging to be made over. I didn’t really have a place for it or a purpose, so it just waited in line patiently for its turn in a very long line of things to be done. But finally I had a moment […]

Adding On

  Once upon a time, there was a Little Cottage who was looking for a family. Not just any family would do, this Little Cottage was looking for a family who laughed and who loved and who would fill the rooms with joy. A family was found, and the Little Cottage was happy and full […]

New Clothes for the Patio Chairs

The old covers were falling apart in my hands. The hardest part of making these was picking out the fabric, but once that was in hand, it was a simple matter of tracing, cutting, stitching two dozen ties together, a bit of pinning and a few more stitches, and … Done. Perfect? No.  So much […]