The game is afoot!

What began as necessity has become tradition. With a house full of peekers and shakers and squeezers and sniffers and not a lot of room to hide things, I need to wrap presents early. But with a house full of peekers and shakers and squeezers and sniffers, even wrapped presents don’t always hide their contents […]

Simplicity in Gift Giving

  The theme of trying to live simply seems to be everywhere, except during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Then, simplicity seems to be thrown aside and “buy all the things!” takes over.  And then after all the shopping pressure, you add in the pursuit to decorate your home in holiday perfection (what do […]

The Cluster Birthdays

With seven children in our family, the chances of having two birthdays close together were pretty high.  We got that out of the way pretty quickly with our first two children, whose birthdays are three days apart (and four years, lest someone misunderstand and think they’re twins).   Our next three children are a little more […]


She’s been counting down since January – “How many more days until my birthday?” This weekend it came.  Finally for her, too soon for me. Most of our birthday celebrations are pretty low keyed.  We go for simple and easy over lots of bling and expensive, and that’s really just Emma’s style anyway.  She’s a […]