Roasted Garlic Soup

I went to bed last night knowing that a cold had taken hold, but other than upping my vitamins a bit and drinking more tea than usual, I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.  This morning I felt even worse.  Knowing that our calendar was clear for the day, and the weather being […]

When the Girls Bake, a poem

It happened one day, that two young maids, had a hunger for something sweet. So they opened the cookbooks and looked all around for recipe of something to eat. They spied just the one, and read it aloud and checked it once and then again. For this recipe was perfect, just the right match to make and to […]

Maxed Out

I haven’t been posting for a while, not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I was working on my blog and made a couple of big mistakes and haven’t had time to fix them yet. But I really miss posting. I’ve taken lots of pictures that I wanted to post so I can look […]

Cooking with Grandmom – Blackberry Pound Cake

My aunt sent my Grandmom’s old cookbook to me not too long ago. Grandmom doesn’t see very well any more, and she’s living in an assisted living home, so she doesn’t need to cook, and my aunt knows how much I enjoy vintage things and family treasures, and this cook book combines them both. It’s […]

Not so sour grapefruit

Do you like grapefruit? No? Me either. Well, until now. Because I just stumbled on a new way to make this healthy fruit that keeps me going back for more. What’s the secret? You roast it! And everyone knows that roasted veggies taste great, so why not a roasted grapefruit? It’s crazy easy. Slice a […]