Lists, Floors and Paint Colors

  My Things To Do lists are pretty legendary in our family.  I make these crazy long lists of what I want to get done and everyone jokes about the time frame because what I tend to expect to complete everything quickly. I’ve adjusted my expectations the last few years, but I still make lists […]

Squeezing in Summer

Is it just me or is time this summer going incredibly fast?  We went from having plenty of summer days left to suddenly arriving in the last month of summer.  There are some places farther south than where we are that summer lasts through September, and even into October, but Maine is surely not one […]

Meet Nimue

Our family recently adopted this sweet girl who we named Nimue. She’s about 6 months old and while her mother is a full chocolate lab, no one knows who the father is or what type of dog he may be.  The shelter staff thinks she is also part boxer.  No matter what she is, she’s […]

The House for Wayward Cats

Every now and then, a stray cat will show up at our door.  Sometimes, when we don’t already have five cats, we’ll open the door and welcome it into our home.  (And sometimes when we do, we end up with kittens a month later.)  Husband insists there must be a sign in our woods, telling […]