One I didn’t show you here

I was updating my Etsy listing photos and I realized that I posted pictures of this doll on instagram, but not here.  So for many of you, this is a repeat, but I’m trying to keep a record of what I make, so this was December’s doll. As of the date of this post, she’s […]

Ever After Cottage Doll – February

I knew it would be a slow start this year for doll making, but I truly didn’t think it would be this slow.  I’m choosing to focus on the fact that I did actually finish one, and not think about all those who sit unfinished and waiting for my attention. Would you like to meet […]

Dollmaking; Picking up where I left off

  Ever since we started our home schooling in early September I haven’t had much time for making dolls.  I’ve made a few other things here and there, mostly small projects, and I’ve done quite a bit of knitting.  But there hasn’t been much dollmaking, and I set about last week to correct that. If […]

Grandbaby the Third – It’s a Boy!

I wrote these first words Monday night: The text came through, “Heading to the birth center”, and my heart leaped for joy and then caught in my throat.  My first baby is about to deliver her third baby.  My thoughts were such an unruly jumble of a mixture of; I can’t wait to meet him, […]

Ever After Cottage Cinderella Doll

It looks like this is turning into a doll blog.  I didn’t mean for it to do that, but dollmaking is what’s happening in my life right now, so doll posts are what you’re going to get. 🙂 I just finished making this one.  I never really plan how they’ll look, the dolls just sort […]

Opening Shop

Facebook told me the other day that I made my first doll one year ago. That first doll was rather primitive, but I was determined to try to make one of the dolls that I imagine. After many trials and tests and pattern changes and samples and stitching and unstitching and stuffing and taking it […]