The Cluster Birthdays

With seven children in our family, the chances of having two birthdays close together were pretty high.  We got that out of the way pretty quickly with our first two children, whose birthdays are three days apart (and four years, lest someone misunderstand and think they’re twins).   Our next three children are a little more […]

Card Play

“Oh! You’re sitting at the table! Wanna play a game?” It’s pretty much a constant.  Anytime this girl sees someone sitting relatively still, and often when they aren’t, she attempts to entice them into “just one quick game”, which, more often than not, turns into more than just one game, especially as siblings wander by […]

Grandbaby the Third – It’s a Boy!

I wrote these first words Monday night: The text came through, “Heading to the birth center”, and my heart leaped for joy and then caught in my throat.  My first baby is about to deliver her third baby.  My thoughts were such an unruly jumble of a mixture of; I can’t wait to meet him, […]

Stillness Found

We had a quiet day at home today. No errands to run, no trips into town. Home. I didn’t get everything done that I thought I would, but I spent a beautiful time pushing my youngest son on the swing as he talked to me and told me stories and ask me questions – his […]

Breathing Peace

(If you follow me on Instagram, you read most of these words last night, but I wanted to share them here as well, and I’ve edited them a bit.) God’s artwork. A soothing and peaceful gift at the end of a day that was a lot harder emotionally than I expected. I watched the dawn […]

And Then He was Five

Is it possible that he was born only five short years ago?  I feel like we’ve known him forever, always a part of us and our family.  It’s like that for me with all our children.  That feeling that once they arrived, they had always been here.  And yet it doesn’t seem possible that five […]