It’s Berry Time

The Littles have been waiting and waiting for this day. The day that the strawberries are just the right shade of red, perfectly sweet and plump and ready for the picking.  After the abundant sunshine and rain last week, those berries changed quickly from not ready yet to Pick Me Now overnight. By placing himself […]

Loving Spring

First of all, this is a completely photo free post. I know. It violates many blog rules. But I’m okay with that. I’d rather post without a photo and have a record of what’s happening in our lives than succumb to the pressure to only post with a photo and then never post at all. […]


Let’s just call this the craziest winter in Maine I’ve ever seen. Last week, temperatures were below zero and the windchill was even colder. I think I remember hearing someone say that exposed skin could freeze within 20 minutes. Yep. It was that cold. Fast forward one week. We had sunny and warmer (yes, 28 […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

I’m back!!! I’ve missed posting. We’ve had computer issues that kept me away. They aren’t completely resolved, but at least I can get a post up every now and then. My morning did not start off very well. My littlest Little has been keeping me awake more than he’s letting me sleep, which makes for […]

Early Spring Chores

We’ve had unusual weather for March lately. Like 70 degrees. And 75 degrees. In March. In Maine. And we’re loving every minute of it. Today I started pruning our raspberries. I read somewhere that the conventional time to prune raspberries is just after the harvest or in the middle of winter. But I’m not always […]

Why We Won’t Turn on the Hose Today

Yesterday was hot. Well, as hot as things get in June in our part of the world, certainly not as hot as things get in other parts, but hot as we define it here. Anyway, I thought I’d get the outside work done early, and then maybe do something fun and water-y with the kids. […]