At Least They’re Reading

I’ve been working my way S-L-O-W-L-Y through the abyss basement, clearing out things we don’t want or need any longer, setting aside things to sell or donate. ¬†Unfortunately, the Littles discovered one of those boxes set aside. A box of Barbies. Now, please remember that we’ve been on this parenting gig for over 27 years, […]

Closing summer

Summer has been lingering long around these parts, though I’m not really complaining. The Littles still ask frequently if we can go to the beach, and it has certainly been hot enough, but I haven’t quite found the time (or energy or motivation) to get there, as Home has so many needs right now.¬† After […]

For Such a Time as This

Oh, the end of summer. I read of so many moms who are looking forward to it. Looking forward to the start of the school year. Looking forward to sending their children off to school. Looking forward to the quiet. And, if truth be told, there are moments that I envy you. The quiet that […]