Buttons for the finish

I think I might have mentioned before my problem with sewing buttons onto finished knitted sweaters.  I’m not sure what the problem is, but it takes me forever to get those buttons on.  Case in point, Emma’s Cove Cardigan.  Ravelry tells me that I finished the sweater in February.  And Emma has been wearing it, […]

Coming up short

There seems to be a trend in my knitting these days – I keep running short of yarn.  I make sure I have enough based on the yardage requirements for the patterns I’m making, but it isn’t lasting through the whole project; My Moonlight Garden shawl, started in May for a May knit along, ended […]

Grandbaby the Third – It’s a Boy!

I wrote these first words Monday night: The text came through, “Heading to the birth center”, and my heart leaped for joy and then caught in my throat.  My first baby is about to deliver her third baby.  My thoughts were such an unruly jumble of a mixture of; I can’t wait to meet him, […]

Silas’ Fawn Hoodie

I finished the Fawn Hoodie  by Carrie Bostick Hoge sweater not too long ago and I even put buttons on it, (buttons being that part of finishing a project that often escapes me).  I thought it was the perfect sweater for those in between seasons – early spring and late autumn. It was a quick […]

A Mouse in my Kitchen

There’s a mouse in my kitchen. It’s a very small mouse. It’s rather cute.  I think I’ll allow it to stay, though my cats would like to play with it for a while. Here’s my mouse: Just a little teensy weensy yarny mouse made by my own two hands. I had some unexpected down time […]