Learning to Weave

“Mama, I want to sew.”  “Mama, I want to cook something.” “Mama, can you show me how to ‘broider again?” “Mama, we’re bored!” Oh, those are words I really don’t like to hear!  In this world with so much to learn and so many good things to do, boredom should never happen.  They know that […]


My son, Josh, gave me an online art class for Christmas. It just started on Monday. Step one was to copy a portrait (the instructor supplied one). Step two was to shade/color using charcoal. Now, my children will attest that my drawing skills are pretty basic. And I’ve never ever used charcoal in my life. […]

Teaching Them Embroidery

The girls have been watching me while I work on embroidering doll faces and they asked if they could do some hand stitching as well.  It’s been a while since I first taught them how to embroider.  Like so many things children learn, they’re interested for a while, then set it aside for a time. […]

If it’s monday…

If it’s Monday, and if it’s after supper, and if all the dishes are washed, this is where you’ll find us. Gathered together, at the table, drawing. I’ve always wanted to draw better. My husband is pretty artistic. Our oldest daughter is very artistic. The rest of us kind of struggle along, often trying to […]

Nature Table Fail

I love the look of a Waldorf and Montessori style room. They are so warm and welcoming. The rooms are designed not just for the sake of design, but for the exploration of the child who lives in the space. The amazing autumn that we’ve been having, combined with my love for the look of […]