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  • Making Way

    I’ve been sewing a lot this week. Like, more than I have this whole year, a lot (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a few hints of a little of what I’ve been making). And I’ve been loving every second of it. I’ve learned a few things while I’ve been at my task, […]

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  • Going to the Fair

    If you’ve never been to Maine, or to one of Maine’s fairs, you are missing a treat. There are two that we try to go to every year. One is the Blue Hill Fair (we missed it this year), and the other is the Common Ground Fair. The Common Ground Fair is held pretty close […]

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  • Closing summer

    Summer has been lingering long around these parts, though I’m not really complaining. The Littles still ask frequently if we can go to the beach, and it has certainly been hot enough, but I haven’t quite found the time (or energy or motivation) to get there, as Home has so many needs right now.  After […]

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  • Hunting for Treasure

    While my husband was working on the addition, the Littles were eating lunch on the back deck. Husband was putting some roofing shingles on, peeling off the paper backing and setting it aside. A swift breeze came by, picking up one of the discarded papers and sending it down to the table where the Littles […]

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  • contentment vs. complacency

    I once worked at a company that had encouraging words posted above doorways, and one I remember well said, “Complacency is Devastating.”  Complacency is closing your eyes to the realities around, choosing not to look at possibilities, choosing to accept what is without exploring what could be, giving up. Contentment is different. Contentment is choosing […]

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  • Just Say Yes

    I’ve been working on saying Yes to more of the kids’ requests. I can easily get caught up in all there is to do around our home, both work and play, and I’m a bit of an introvert these days. I’m perfectly content to just be home. But my children? Well, there’s a whole world […]

  • Around the Cottage
  • Found

    Friday night on my way inside after taking care of the goats and chickens, I passed by our dog, Abby who was staring up at a tree. It’s common behavior for her, as she takes her squirrel and chipmunk chasing career pretty seriously. So as I walked by I glanced up at the tree to […]