Birthday Mermaids – Rosie and Rachel

Sophie turned six today. Six. Whoa.  She is the last of the four family birthdays in three weeks.  This girlie, she keeps us on our toes. Her “live in the moment” attitude, her deep belly laugh, her snuggly ways, her own unique sense of style. She asked for a mermaid dolphin princess for her birthday. […]

Something Simple

Amidst all the building activity we’ve had going on here (see this post and this one, and there’s this one, too, and even more I haven’t shown you yet), I needed to do something pretty simple, start to finish, done in just a snap. My ironing board volunteered for the task. The cover had been […]

Second Dolls

Since Silas and Sophie were so insistent on my making dolls for them (“Sit down and sew, Mama!”), I couldn’t refuse (though I did put it off just long enough to finish a first cup of coffee). So, sit down I did. After a bit of redrafting (and a bit more is needed, I think), […]

First Doll

(Post Update::  I did some reconstructive surgery on the little doll, moving her arms to, um, arm level, instead of mid waist level where I mistakenly placed them. She looks better now. ) I’m not even sure what got into me last night. Dinner was done, dishes were cleaned up, laundry was folded and all […]

Rope Baskets Given

The rope basket making (and therapy) continues. Last week I made a basket for my Dad for Father’s Day. I took a picture before I sent it out. He said the “hat” was a little small. 😉 I’m not sure what he’ll end up using it for, but I made one for us that we […]

From baskets to quilts

I took a break from making rope baskets to do some other stitching. I’ve had this green floral fabric in my stash for… too long to admit. It’s a bit dated, but in the middle of the night I realized that if I cut it apart into smaller strips and paired it with white, it […]

rope therapy

My stitching with rope as a way to focus has been exactly what I needed and didn’t know. I’ve been making, and experimenting, and, well, playing, with the rope. Playing with shapes and thread colors, and moving into playing with colors through natural dyes – only turmeric and strawberry so far, but I’m so excited […]