Board and Batten and Fairy Houses

With the heat of the summer moving behind us, Husband The Amazing spent some time working on wrapping up the outside of the kitchen addition. He doesn’t love working with vinyl siding, and while it has its benefits – namely easy maintenance – it is lacking a bit in the “character” department.  Part of what […]

Finishing touches

We built our new mud room/laundry room a year ago.  We hadn’t planned on waiting a year to paint, but once construction was done winter set in and the space was used to hold all the winter gear that is required for a family living in Maine.  While summer is traditionally a season for getting […]

Dreaming in Legos

We still haven’t finished up the interior of our new mudroom ( here, and here) and bedroom  expansions in our home, but we’re using those spaces and loving every square inch we built.  So, of course, I’m dreaming about another home addition.  We love our home, and we don’t want it to be overly large, and I admire those who […]

Mudroom – hooks and trim

This weekend we continued to work on our new mudroom.  It’s coming along quite nicely.  We tiled the floor two weeks ago and grouted it last week, and I LOVE the way it turned out!  We also built a small deck off the back last weekend, but we still need to add steps to it. […]

Adding a Mud Room

This isn’t a home remodeling blog (actually, I’m not exactly sure what kind of blog it is), but remodeling and adding on is what we’ve been doing, so I’m just going to post about it. I hope I don’t bore you too much. We’ve been working pretty hard at getting our additions weather tight. The […]

Adding On

  Once upon a time, there was a Little Cottage who was looking for a family. Not just any family would do, this Little Cottage was looking for a family who laughed and who loved and who would fill the rooms with joy. A family was found, and the Little Cottage was happy and full […]

contentment vs. complacency

I once worked at a company that had encouraging words posted above doorways, and one I remember well said, “Complacency is Devastating.”  Complacency is closing your eyes to the realities around, choosing not to look at possibilities, choosing to accept what is without exploring what could be, giving up. Contentment is different. Contentment is choosing […]