Marking Maples

Today was probably our last warm day of the year.  It was quite glorious actually, and I didn’t want to spend much of the day inside, so I called for the children to put away their school books early and we went outside to accomplish one of the big things on my “before winter” list.  […]

What do May Showers Bring

Growing up,  I remember being told that April showers bring May flowers (what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims!).  But that was in a state a bit south of where we live these days.  And the April showers are more like April snows. The showers come in May (though some of the flowers do too. ) This […]

Spring Weekend

While the calendar told us of Spring’s official arrival nearly a month ago, this weekend was, for us, the first full spring weekend.  We’ve had beautiful warm days already, but this weekend was time for outside cleaning up and pea planting.  So that’s what we did. Sophie helped me get the peas in.  The garden […]

Hello, February

First, please note that I live in Maine. It is nearing 50 degrees today, February 1st. Also, please note that because of these unusually warm days, I checked on my bees. After lifting the 500 pound bench seat off of them (I got my workout for the day) and fumbling with the locking strap thingie […]

Goats in the Rain

Another day of unusual weather for Maine for this time of year. Rain.  Some say they’re glad it isn’t snow. Some say (mostly the children) that it needs to be snow. It is December, after all. Do you know what goats do in the rain?  A whole lot of this. And this. Because goats, at […]

Going to the Fair

If you’ve never been to Maine, or to one of Maine’s fairs, you are missing a treat. There are two that we try to go to every year. One is the Blue Hill Fair (we missed it this year), and the other is the Common Ground Fair. The Common Ground Fair is held pretty close […]