New Curtains for the Living Room

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that take me the longest time to get done. These are actually old drapes that I made for the living room a while back – maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  I liked the fabric, but the drapery look was too formal for our simple home, so I made a […]

Emma’s Sewing

“Mama, are you using this?” “Mama, can I borrow that?” “Mama, do you like this color?” “Can I have that when you’re done, Mama?” That was Emma, at my elbow, hopping in front of the sewing machine each time I got up, using the iron in between my own ironing, taking the pin cushion for […]

One Last Christmas Project

We had a flurry of making during the days before Christmas.  Some things I remembered to take pictures of before wrapping and giving, some I didn’t.  But there was one thing that I never got to.  A new Christmas stocking for Silas.  Actually, new isn’t the right word.  The boy has never had one of […]

Birthday Nightgowns

I asked my daughter what my granddaughter, Ali, would like for her birthday.  The quick reply was for pajamas for the doll I made her earlier this year.  And, of course, when making a nightgown for a doll, one must also make a matching nightgown for the girl.  I took Emma, Sophie and Silas fabric […]