Costumes – Our Handmade Halloween

Handmade Halloween

  Our children love costumes.  They love dress up, pretend play, becoming someone (or something) by changing their clothes.  I love sewing.  I love making things for my children that gives them joy.  My husband loves building things. He loves making something from nothing.  So Halloween has become the perfect time for collaboration of all […]


I have to admit, I was looking for something that needed repair. Surely somewhere in our home there was some item of clothing that still fit the wearer but needed some mending.  Maddie’s jeans fit the bill perfectly. Some of the websites tell you to use a sashiko needle and thread, but since I don’t […]

Making a Secret

I haven’t been home very much these last weeks, so my time for making has been minimal, but I do have one project I’ve been working on.  I can’t tell you much about it though, because while I don’t think the recipient it’s intended for reads my blog, I don’t want to take any chances […]

Emma’s Art Bag

Emma celebrated her eighth birthday recently. Eight.  I know, I’m like a broken record, but honestly the speed that my children age astounds me. She had a pretty simple wish list – a new sketch book, some colored pens, and a new leotard for ballet.  She’s so incredibly easy to please, this one.  I wanted […]

Tiny dresses

I have been working on two very special dolls for a while. They’ve been coming along slowly, a little stitching here, a little stuffing there. I have everything I need to finish them, but I so very much want them to be just perfect and I know that my hands do not work perfection, so […]