Making a Secret

I haven’t been home very much these last weeks, so my time for making has been minimal, but I do have one project I’ve been working on.  I can’t tell you much about it though, because while I don’t think the recipient it’s intended for reads my blog, I don’t want to take any chances […]

Emma’s Art Bag

Emma celebrated her eighth birthday recently. Eight.  I know, I’m like a broken record, but honestly the speed that my children age astounds me. She had a pretty simple wish list – a new sketch book, some colored pens, and a new leotard for ballet.  She’s so incredibly easy to please, this one.  I wanted […]

Tiny dresses

I have been working on two very special dolls for a while. They’ve been coming along slowly, a little stitching here, a little stuffing there. I have everything I need to finish them, but I so very much want them to be just perfect and I know that my hands do not work perfection, so […]

Apple-Picking Dress in Blue

With the change in the weather, everyone is reaching for more spring-like clothing these days, but I’m finding that much of what fit the children last fall just doesn’t any longer.   Up on the project board was the Apple-Picking Dress by Oliver +S.   I pulled some fabric out of my stash that I surely bought […]

Cloth Dolls

Over the last year or so, I’ve been working on a couple of dolls here and there. There are so many amazing and talented doll makers online, and after looking at them I became almost obsessed with creating something with my own hands.  Some of my first attempts were pretty simplistic and really needed some […]