(This picture has nothing at all to do with my post, but I needed a picture and thought the cats were very funny watching the snow.  Sorry for the overexposure.  I’m still working on my camera skills and they wouldn’t re-pose once I figured out my settings.) As you may have noticed if you’ve been […]

A Very Silly Story

It was an overcast day.  The sun wasn’t shining yet, the rain had fallen early in the morning, when the early sky hadn’t quite awakened yet.  Four silly chickens were out searching for their breakfast.   Suddenly, they heard a sound. They looked up?  What could it be? They asked the goats. “Do you know what […]

When the Girls Bake, a poem

It happened one day, that two young maids, had a hunger for something sweet. So they opened the cookbooks and looked all around for recipe of something to eat. They spied just the one, and read it aloud and checked it once and then again. For this recipe was perfect, just the right match to make and to […]