Morning thoughts

He’s been waking earlier and earlier every morning, much like the sun this time of year.  He wakes with a bright smile first thing in the morning, ready to greet the day and the adventures it will bring.  I love that.  If I’m to be honest though, I’ll tell you that there’s a part of […]

For Such a Time as This

Oh, the end of summer. I read of so many moms who are looking forward to it. Looking forward to the start of the school year. Looking forward to sending their children off to school. Looking forward to the quiet. And, if truth be told, there are moments that I envy you. The quiet that […]

One Thing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About life and dreams and sanctuary and ever after and how little time we have to live our lives fully. The fairy tales end with, “and they lived Happily Ever After”. But that happily ever after part? That’s the hard part. I mean, during the story, the hero and […]

You Can’t Have It All

I’ve been pondering life’s direction a lot lately.     Maybe it’s because I just gave birth to my seventh child.          Maybe it’s because my second child just left our nest, maybe for a year, maybe forever.               Maybe it’s because of the uncertainty of the economy and The Builder’s job.                […]

Mother’s Day Blessings

Reminiscing. Thinking of all the mothers in my family. My great-grandmothers, most of whom I never met, but still are such a big part of who I am. The one who had to leave one of her children in another country for years because they didn’t have the money to bring her home. The ones […]


I’m home from church again. My two littles are with me. Between Sophie’s still runny nose (though she is getting better and is fever free. Thank you, Jesus!) and Emma’s German Shepherd barking cough, and my too tight to really breathe well without coughing and coughing even if I try to take little breaths, we […]