• Seasons
  • Finally Spring!

    This weekend we finally hit temperatures that made it feel like spring outside and the backyard cleanup has begun!  And after that, there’s front yard cleanup, side yard cleanup, goat shed and chicken coop cleanup and garden cleanup.  But we won’t think about any of those today.  We’ll just think about how quickly our snow […]

  • learning
  • Learning to Weave

    “Mama, I want to sew.”  “Mama, I want to cook something.” “Mama, can you show me how to ‘broider again?” “Mama, we’re bored!” Oh, those are words I really don’t like to hear!  In this world with so much to learn and so many good things to do, boredom should never happen.  They know that […]

  • homeschooling
  • Sweet Schooling

    There are days when we do every scheduled subject, read every scheduled book, work on every scheduled project.  Those days are really good days.  They don’t happen as often as I’d like, but they do happen.  Most days aren’t like that. Some days, especially days after a very busy time, whether it’s extra appointments, extra […]

  • Dolls
  • One I didn’t show you here

    I was updating my Etsy listing photos and I realized that I posted pictures of this doll on instagram, but not here.  So for many of you, this is a repeat, but I’m trying to keep a record of what I make, so this was December’s doll. As of the date of this post, she’s […]

  • Dolls
  • Ever After Cottage Doll – February

    I knew it would be a slow start this year for doll making, but I truly didn’t think it would be this slow.  I’m choosing to focus on the fact that I did actually finish one, and not think about all those who sit unfinished and waiting for my attention. Would you like to meet […]

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  • Sugaring Season

    (I apologize for such a picture heavy post, but I couldn’t decide what to leave out.) Like so many others, you were probably taught that there are four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.  But you were not taught correctly, because, you see, while those are the seasons everyone knows about, there are others that […]

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  • Blizzard

      The winter started out so mild, but in the last week or so, it has made up for it.  We went from just a covering of snow on the ground, maybe 6″ or so, to feet.  We were only supposed to get 3″ or so on Saturday, but ended up with more than 8″.  […]