Finally Fall

After enjoying a beautiful stretch of unusually warm weather, we are finally feeling much more seasonal all of a sudden. The air is crisper and cooler (though I think it may still be warmer than usual), the angle of the light has definitely shifted, and the trees are moving towards full foliage colors. The earlier […]

Making Fairy Post Boxes

It’s no secret that I love all things miniature and fairy, and I also love all things Tasha Tudor.  So when I can combine the two it’s so much better.  I saw the pattern to make boxes like Tasha Tudor’s Sparrow Post on her family’s website, and had to make some for us. It was […]

The Cluster Birthdays

With seven children in our family, the chances of having two birthdays close together were pretty high.  We got that out of the way pretty quickly with our first two children, whose birthdays are three days apart (and four years, lest someone misunderstand and think they’re twins).   Our next three children are a little more […]