The game is afoot!

What began as necessity has become tradition. With a house full of peekers and shakers and squeezers and sniffers and not a lot of room to hide things, I need to wrap presents early. But with a house full of peekers and shakers and squeezers and sniffers, even wrapped presents don’t always hide their contents […]

The Gift of Making

The other day, Emma and Sophie asked me for help to make gifts for some little friends. Honestly, the timing wasn’t great because I had so much of my own to do.  They were asking for some creative help and given my distracted thoughts I had a tough time wrapping my brain around their ideas […]

Simplicity in Gift Giving

  The theme of trying to live simply seems to be everywhere, except during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Then, simplicity seems to be thrown aside and “buy all the things!” takes over.  And then after all the shopping pressure, you add in the pursuit to decorate your home in holiday perfection (what do […]

An Apron for Ali

Yesterday I told you about Norah’s 3rd birthday coming on Saturday and the camera cozy I made.  Well, this past Sunday was Ali’s birthday.  She turned 8!  I wanted to make her something, but we’ve been so busy lately that time got away from me and before I knew it, Ali’s birthday weekend arrived and […]