Sophie’s Waltyn Sweater

The last sweater I made for Sophie met a rather unfortunate end.  I think she tied it around her waist while she was riding her bike late this past fall and the wheel must have rubbed against the knit, making quite a large hole and my darning skills weren’t up to the task of that […]

My Clara Cowl

I bought a hank of yarn before Christmas to make a quick messy bun hat for one of my daughters, but I ran out of time.  And then I realized that the daughter I had in mind didn’t wear her hair in a messy bun.  So then I thought I’d make it for another daughter.  […]

January Mittens for Mama

I have long believed that certain items of clothing belong to certain months.  Sweaters for November, loose skirts in July, and mittens in January.  There’s something about the month of January that calls for mittens.  Not gloves, mind you.  Mittens.  And I found myself lacking mittens to wear in January. So what does a knitting […]