Slow Making

At the beginning of the year, I indulged in fantasies of hours upon hours of sewing; all sorts of beautiful and handmade items making their way from my sewing machine out into the world; launching my way from hobby status into an actual business that could not only pay for my sewing habit, but perhaps […]

Teaching Them Embroidery

The girls have been watching me while I work on embroidering doll faces and they asked if they could do some hand stitching as well.  It’s been a while since I first taught them how to embroider.  Like so many things children learn, they’re interested for a while, then set it aside for a time. […]

One Last Christmas Project

We had a flurry of making during the days before Christmas.  Some things I remembered to take pictures of before wrapping and giving, some I didn’t.  But there was one thing that I never got to.  A new Christmas stocking for Silas.  Actually, new isn’t the right word.  The boy has never had one of […]

Sewing from a Vintage Pattern

I’m buried deep in fabrics and patterns and sewing and gluing.  It’s the week before Halloween, and my children have requested costumes of all sorts and sizes. (Sidenote – we haven’t “done” Halloween in years. Years.  It’s not a long story, but it is a story.  And while I don’t agree with much of the […]

make me jammies

I’ve been doing quite a bit of rearranging lately – moving furniture in the living room, rearranging the Littles’ bedroom to make room for all three of them, and trying to create a bit of creative space for us all.  That last bit of rearranging was my most recent, and involved moving all my fabric, […]