Extreme Makeover Garden Chair Edition

We inherited these chairs from the previous owners of our home. They are among the many things they graciously left behind for us when they moved out and we moved in. They sit under a pine tree in our back yard, next to the bird feeder, which the previous owners also graciously left.

I love these chairs. I enjoyed sitting in them last year, after walking up from the garden, very pregnant with Sophie, and carrying Emma on my back. (I’m sure that was a site to see.) These chairs welcomed me. Emma and I sat and watched birds coming to the feeder. We rocked. We nursed. She slept. Did I mention that I love these chairs? They looked a bit neglected though. So I sanded them.

Found out one of them used to be red. You can see it right next to the rust.

The other one used to be sort of aqua blue.

Now, they are all blue and white. The picture makes them look like they’re different colors, but they are both the same blue, like the one on the right, with white arms. And the table is blue with a white top. It’s what color they wanted to be. They told me so. Now they match the forget-me-nots. You should come sit in them with me. I’ll make the tea.

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  1. The chairs and table look awesome and so inviting! What a wonderful place to create happy memories! Put on the tea kettle, I'm on my way! (Oh how much I wish that I could be, more than you can imagine.)

  2. I want to come over too and laugh at the chickens in your garden =)

  3. Mom, I'll put the kettle on. Kate, you would love to watch the chickens. They are sooooo fun!! And funny. Did I tell you they're terrified of the wheelbarrow? It's kind of funny to bring them treats in it. =)

  4. Oh, please wait for me to join the three of you. It sounds like the perfect afternoon- gardens, tea, laughter and family. [I adopted myself into your family- just in case you haven't already realized =)]

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