Time Flies When You’re Busy

Such a busy summer we’ve had. 
Trying to get some projects done around the house. 
Trying to enjoy the summer. 
Trying to enjoy the last few months before Josh left for school. 
Trying to prepare for the newest little one to join us.  

And now, here we are. At the end of summer. Fall is coming in quickly, although we did have a bit of a reprieve with a return to summer temperatures for a couple of days. And as proof of how quickly time is flying by, my brand new baby is One Month Old. I don’t quite know where the days went.

Silas, the day he was born
Silas, One Month Old

 He’s growing up far to fast for my taste.

Birthdays are hard work

2 Replies to “Time Flies When You’re Busy”

  1. Oh my gosh he's gotten so big! I absolutely love the photo of Silas sleeping.

  2. adore adore adore baby Silas as he is sleeping..

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