Switching Around

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Maddie wanted to rearrange her bedroom, but needed a different (shorter) dresser in order to do what she wanted. Sophie had the perfect dresser, so we decided to switch them. But first Maddie needed to clean out her room and get rid of some things. She sleeps in a narrow room, so there isn’t much room for furniture and stacking was the way to go (don’t worry, it might look like it’s all ready to topple over in the picture, but that’s to do with my lacking any photography skills. They are perfectly safe.).  And then she decided that she really didn’t need such a big desk, so we scooted that into the hallway and retrieved an old table from the garage for her to use instead. It needs to be painted, but she can use it as is for now.  She also packed up a couple of boxes of things to keep but store in the basement, and scooted those into the hallway.

Back in the Little girls’ room, I needed to take all the clothes out of Sophie’s dresser to give it to Maddie. I need to go through her clothes anyway to donate the things that don’t fit anymore, so I just piled them on top of the train table that’s in their room. While I was pulling one dresser out and putting another in, I thought I’d take the opportunity to rearrange their room. So I moved their bed and realized I could finally pull the gorgeous headboard out of the garage to put around their bed. I’ve been waffling on whether or not I should paint it, but I decided to just get it in their room to live with for a little while before I decide.  I still need to reattach the decorative piece that goes on the top of the headboard, but I’m waiting for husband assistance for that.

Then I needed to move the bookcase, which is easier when all the books are out of it. So that gave me a chance to go through their books and pull some less favorite ones for donation.  The toys have gotten pretty jumbled together, so I pulled all those out into the hallway so we can sort through them and see what should stay in their room, what should be packed away for a while, and what we should get rid of.  We want to move the train table to the basement, but that will require more muscle than I have, so we’ll do it when my husband gets home. But first I have to make room in the basement. And in the meantime the hallway is pretty packed and not very walkable.  We need to decide what to do with the desk, but I’m pretty hesitant to get rid of it yet, as I’m sure that as soon as I do someone will ask for a desk.  The girls’ closet needs to be gone through to see what still fits and what doesn’t.

Not to be outdone, Zach started to sort through the things in his room, so there are piles of keep, give away, pack away and throw away everywhere.  All this because Maddie needed a different dresser.  I think we just did our own version of If you Give a Moose a Muffin. We aren’t quite finished with the job yet, but this mama is pretty beat.