Baby Chicks!

Once upon a time, our little cottage was also a farm. And on that farm we had some hens. And those hens gave us the very best gift of the very best eggs. Golden eggs, we thought.  But the skies darkened over that little farm, and one by one, and sometimes two by two, those poor little hens were being eaten by a combination of a fox, a weasel and a hawk. We just couldn’t stand the heartbreak so we gave the survivors to a friend of ours who was starting a farm. And those hens lived, and still live now, in a very happy home at a very nice farm.

But we missed those eggs! And our hearts were saddened that the clucking and scratching was missing from our little cottage farm.

So, early this spring I sat with my chicken hatchery catalog, and compared breeds to available shipping dates to our rather full calendar, And when the moons and planets aligned ever so rightly, I closed my eyes and made a wish and placed our baby hen order. And early one very fine morning (though it was a day earlier than expected which made for  some very early last minute scrambling to plug in heat lamps and lay down bedding), the phone call came from the post office telling us our sweet little chirping package had arrived.

(And it’s a very good thing the call came early, because I had previously determined that very same morning to be Henna Hair Dye Day for me, and arriving at the local post office with henna in hair under a plastic wrapped head is very high on my list of thing not to do.)


But we must be very patient, as It will take about five months before these hens (yes, they’re all hens) start laying eggs for us, but once they start laying we’ll have an abundance. And that is how the Golden Eggs will once again return to Ever After Cottage. And on that day, as on this, all the children will dance with much joy.

Well, they’re dancing on the inside.


And in the meantime, we’ll enjoy cuddling up with these sweet little babies,

and some (Sophie) will introduce them to the joys of Frozen (the movie, not the freezer).

And others (Emma) will teach them to curl up and sleep under her hair.

And another (Silas) will teach them to be wary of things unknown.

And the chicks will teach all the joys of caring for Sweet Small Things.



And, in other exciting happenings (I know, you wait for these updates with such anticipation), I finally decided what my next knitting project should be (after much deliberation and consultation with my very favorite man, because my husband does have to see me wearing my creations).  I found the most perfect yarn in the most perfect color and have cast on for the Annabel cardigan. And I’ve unraveled and reknit, and unraveled a bit and reknit some more. But that’s okay. One step forward and two steps back. No scratch that and reverse it. Yes. Much better. Two steps forward and one step back. And so I knit on.

Any new arrivals or creations at your cottage?

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