If it’s monday…

If it’s Monday,

and if it’s after supper,

and if all the dishes are washed,

this is where you’ll find us.

IMG_6667 copy

Gathered together, at the table, drawing.

I’ve always wanted to draw better. My husband is pretty artistic. Our oldest daughter is very artistic. The rest of us kind of struggle along, often trying to capture something on paper, but usually ending up a little frustrated with our results. So I’m trying to work drawing time into our routine. Setting aside a specific day and time works perfectly for us. And the children all look forward to our new Monday night routine.

Since I don’t have any artistic skills to draw from (sorry, no pun intended), I’m using a book I borrowed from a friend and we’re working through the lessons one week at a time. There are many different books and resources available for teaching drawing. The one we’re using right now is this one.

I’m already noticing a difference in what my children are producing, but even more importantly, there’s a big difference in their own satisfaction with what they make. That, I think, is the most important lesson to learn.